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How to play DVIX with subtitles in a DVD player I have a DVD player that reads Divx but Rate Topic: -----

Posted 23 January 2004 - 03:49 PM (#1) Guest_JMR_*

I have aDVD player that reads DIVX but I can not put it playing with the subtitles. What shall I do?

Posted 23 January 2004 - 06:25 PM (#2) User is offline   Daniel 

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DivX afaik is actually downloaded movies - ppl "rip" them from DVD for other ppl to download, mainly without subtitles.

I will check up on this but thats what I am guessing !
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Posted 29 February 2004 - 03:30 PM (#3) User is offline   redpool 

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Don't know what is aDVD player is? which one is it from computer or standalone DVD player???

I brought standalone DVD player for my living room with TV. Yamada DVX-6100 Multi-Region DivX Dvd player that can read divX and subtitle file of .srt and .sub. Look it at

It cost me £80. The subtitle are not bad because of the small thin character font and colour yellow. I emailed to Yamada to improve it by bigger and thickness font. Also in white and shadow behind font to help see clearly.

but you can buy KiSS DP-1000 DivX Dvd player in that their subtitle font might be better!!! ;) :P

Posted 07 March 2009 - 07:34 PM (#4) User is offline   Tweety 

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i'm new in here so this is my first post - but somewhere gotta be my first :)

i too is deaf and i got a dvd player that supports divx movies, and by trial and error i figured out how to show it with subtitles (although the font is a bit small, i havent figured out that part yet (but i got some ideas to try out, will tell if they works out, just need some time off work lol)
Also, I see this question has not been quite answered yet, but also, better late than never.

I am assuming you got files and you got subtitle files in .srt format.
To make it work, you got to work a bit. If the file name of the movie is long, you got to shorten it down. If it is episodes of some tv show, you gotta make the episode number visible on the dvd menu (it cuts it off so the dvd player will believe it is the same thing all way thru, and use the first subtitles on all of the episodes)

The second thing is, the movie file name and the subtitle file name have to be exact the same (but of course keep the file endings .avi and .srt. I use to simply copy the movie name and paste it in the subtitle name so they will match exactly. They also have to be within the same folder or on root directory of the dvd. If you burn the dvd with movies in one folder and srt in another folder, it will not work.

Got it?

1 - Shorten file name
2 - Exact match of file name of both movie and srt.

Hope this works for you too!

Good luck!!

Posted 12 March 2009 - 05:51 PM (#5) User is offline   dvdwarrior 

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Just use ConvertXtoDVD software and it will do all the work for you but use right DVD format as doesn't work on some DVD players. Use Sony DVD+R

I only download DVD that doesn't have english subtitle such as "Short Circuit" film, sad I know! :)

If DVD companies do their job properly to subtitle DVD then I would not bother to download.


Posted 12 March 2009 - 05:57 PM (#6) User is offline   dvdwarrior 

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Also you can mess about with font subtitle - make it bigger or smaller whatever font in "media player classic" then save it as subtitle.


Posted 17 April 2009 - 08:51 AM (#7) User is offline   flashingblade 

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I have a Sumvision phoenix DVD player which has a USB slot.I can play films direct from a usb memory stick subtitles.I have the same problem with the subs been a bit on the small side.When i play the film on laptop the subs are just the right size.

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